coffee sessions

1:1 coffee sessions with Melanie Boehme


First of all: The best coffee is the coffee that you like!

  • Do you like to drink coffee, but the coffee at home doesn’t even come close to the one your favorite cafe offers?
  • Want to learn more about coffee?
  • Your coffee set-up at home could use an upgrade?
  • Want to know how to brew a delicious cup of coffee every day from the comfort of your home?

Then you’ve come to the right place!

  • In my 1:1 coffee seminars (duration 60-90 minutes) we have a look at your coffee preparation at home!
  • You’ll get tricks & tips on how to get the most out of your coffee utensils.
  • And you’ll learn how to get more out of your coffee game at home, too.
  • The goal: Turning your daily coffee fix into a ritual that you love!

How much is it?

One coffee session is 99,- € plus VAT.

Do you want to learn more about my coffee sessions? Send an email to melanieboehme(at)

Ready to book?